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Project Brief

sayBLOWE is new NFT platform built specifically for the hip-hop music and lifestyle brand community, designed to break down economic barriers to entry. The platform serves to connect people and collectors to artists and brands.

Case Studies


Logo Design + Brand Identity + Web Design

Where We Started

sayBLOWE is set out to reduce economic barriers for diverse communities within the web3 space. The idea was to use the universal language of hip-hop to bridge the gap. The owner had a logo started already and a version of the website. We needed to fine tune the logo, develop the brand identity and deliver a website that was both easy to navigate and informative for users new to the web3 space.


The Problem


Design a front-facing website to house company information.

Design the UX/UI for a custom NFT marketplace.

Develop a web copy strategy that speaks directly to the needs of her target audience.

Design a responsive web UI to help engage the users.

Create a design system, including color palette, typography, buttons and more.

Update the logo designed by the client.

The Process

Logo Design + Brand Identity

We've developed a unique branding questionnaire to ensure our brand design both tells a story and communicates brand values to the target audience.

Together we developed a typography system and color palette that made the brand come alive.

Zate Nite

Brand Identity + Web Design

Zate Nite is a media platform and dating platform aimed at changing the narrative for Black and brown daters, starting with the date night experience. We developed the brand identity, landing page and beta web platform.


Logo Design + Web Design + UX/UI Design

sayBLOWE is a new NFT marketplace aiming to transform the web3 community with the power of hip-hop. We refreshed the logo, developed the brand identity, designed the website and partnered with blockchain developers to design the custom NFT marketplace.

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